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Article: About the wooden keychain (thoughts when it was first made)


About the wooden keychain (thoughts when it was first made)

In January 2022, I will post my thoughts at the time when I made a wooden keychain.
(At that time, I just wanted to make it, take care of wood, and give it to everyone)
I hope you enjoy my thoughts at that time.

Below is the text I posted on Instagram at the time.

Wooden key chain 🎗
Miniature wooden mold with cherry blossom pattern🌸

Manufactured from solid wood using laser processing.
The type of tree is
4 types of "Maple".
(Since we are using scrap wood, the tree species will change irregularly.)
Maybe cheek or quince,
Rare tree species such as black persimmons may also appear 😁

Previously, we were recruiting monitors,
Many people participated.

Your ideas and works will spread,
Hints for new creations
I hope that we can connect,
If you post a wooden key chain
Please come if you can
#Wooden key chain
I would be happy if you could add a hashtag ✨

The circle of wooden key chains expands,
The joy of making things with your hands
I would be happy if it spread even more ✨

Just a keychain.
But when it falls into the hands of others, a new form is born.

This is the second one.

Cherry blossom pattern wooden keychain🌸
The pattern is created using a laser processing machine.

The intensity of the laser is divided into each petal, and the five petals are designed to be properly separated.
I love flowers, so I chose the petals to match the cherry blossoms❗️

An accidental discovery was that the texture of the wood grain remaining on the petals differs depending on the type of tree✨
Wood is fun because it gets rough and leaves streaks in the grain 😊

You may choose a tree species that matches the image of the work you want to make.
We have started selling key chains with 4 types of trees to choose from☺️

Please take a look at the site from the profile section.

A wooden keychain made by someone who loves flowers.
I might even make a 12-month flower series!
I'll be excited when it's all together 😆

Japan has four beautiful seasons, and I like flowers because they make me feel the seasons.
Because I can only see them once a year, I love them and want to enjoy their colors and scents.
The plants I bought at the flower shop bloom beautifully the year I bought them, but they tend to become smaller from the second year onwards (I'm not very good at taking care of them🥲), but even those small petals make me feel like I'm seeing them again, so I'm attached to them. It's springing up, and I have to prune it and repot it so that it will bloom better next year, so I'm busy fiddling with the soil while creating a future.
After the flowers had fallen, I couldn't ignore the unsold sale plants in a corner of the flower shop, so I brought them into my house, and I was really happy when they bloomed the following year.

Instead of researching how to grow flowers on the internet, I ask elderly people in my neighborhood who take care of the plants.
Each region has its own climate and different ways of growing it.
It is very educational to hear the wisdom of our ancestors that is not even available on the internet.

I went off track for a while 😅
I might be the only one at MADE in Nihonbashi who loves flowers, but I love flowers! (especially growing)
I hope that the ring of the wooden key chain will bloom as the buds swell and the plants prepare for spring.
We are working hard to make keychains.

that's all.

After that, it passed into the hands of many people, and it became more popular than even we could have imagined.
I have experienced an exciting relationship,

The origin will always be important,
Although the floral motif changes every month, I believe that the fundamentals remain the same.

Thank you for watching until the end.

MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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