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Article: The wooden material (thoughts at the time of construction)


The wooden material (thoughts at the time of construction)

In January 2022, I thought about the time when I made the wooden key chain.
I will post it.
(At that time, I just wanted to make it, take care of wood, and give it to everyone)
I hope you enjoy my thoughts at that time.

Below is the text I posted on Instagram at the time.

The material of the wooden key chain is...

We usually work in architecture,
I also often go to the lumber shop in Shinkiba, Tokyo.

I am very grateful to you for your help,
“Tada Meikiya” deals with precious woods (there is no website etc.)
We always have materials available.

This wood shop is a highly discerning craftsman who purchases wood for use in tea rooms, sushi restaurant counters, etc.

Although he is over 80 years old, he is still alive and well.
I also always listen to stories about trees and learn from them.

The wood for the wooden key chain was provided by Mr. Tada.
I was planning to use it for prototyping and construction sites.
(about 8 years ago)

However, the plans changed and the materials were not used.
I was told by the person at the site that I could dispose of it, but
It's a shame that such beautiful wood is not used.
I feel sorry for Tada's grandpa.
I kept it because I felt sorry for the tree more than anything.

So, this tree, which was no longer used eight years ago, is now
I'm really happy to be able to deliver it to everyone's hands as a key chain 😊

Reusing scraps, not caring about the environment,
I'm glad I was able to create an opportunity for this child to see the light of day 😊
It's a really nice tree ❗️

that's all.


After that, it passed into the hands of many people, and it became more popular than even we could have imagined.
I have experienced an exciting relationship,
The origin will always be important.

I think I like trees. I want to use it with care.
Nothing has changed even now.

Thank you for watching until the end.

MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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