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Article: 02.2: Shen Dinghua “Scent that reminds me of the road to school”


02.2: Shen Dinghua “Scent that reminds me of the road to school”

February 2022,
I also wanted to draw this flower, which is very memorable to me.

I also went to Monitor Project 2.2.

"Sinking flower" Jinchouge

 (This blog contains a story about making a wooden keychain.

Thoughts on flowers and motifs,
design points, etc.
I have written it)

When I smell the scent of Shen Ding Flower, I am reminded of the way I went to school when I was in elementary school.

Sincho flowers were blooming on the way from my house to school.
Sticking out of the fence of an unknown house,
I have a faint memory of the appearance of many flowers blooming and thick , and when I smell the scent,
The way to school,
The scenery at that time,
It brings back memories of school.

Shinchoka is a tree that does not grow very tall, so
I wonder if it was at face height when I was in elementary school.

Although I no longer notice it from an adult perspective,
At this time of year, the city seemed to be full of flowers and the fragrance of the chinese flowers.

When you grow up, you won't be able to chew on flowers at a house you don't know, but
A privilege reserved only for childhood.

Along with the memories of elementary school students on their way to school,
An inquisitive spirit that remains unchanged from childhood,

Don't just look at high places like a child's perspective,
Cherish what is happening right in front of you,

It makes me think of not forgetting my original intentions.

There are many cases where it is planted in the shade, so
They are blooming unexpectedly in places where you would normally not see them.

Through the wooden key chain,
The scenery of the neighborhood that I casually see every day,
I would be happy if we could see more exciting scenery.

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers.
Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.2 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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