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Article: 06: Hydrangea “Playful on the other side”


06: Hydrangea “Playful on the other side”

June 2022,
Wooden key chain monitor project 06
was hydrangea.

 (This blog posts the story of making a wooden keychain. I write about my thoughts on flowers and motifs, as well as design points, etc. )


When I was little,
When the hydrangeas bloom,
not flowers,
hidden in the leaves,
I was always looking for snails.

Step into the lush hydrangeas,
While looking for the underside of the leaves,
find a snail,

I have fond memories of how much fun it was to poke around the corners.

I was looking for excitement behind the scenes.

Now, if I see a snail or even a slug on a leaf, I have to get rid of it.
How can I prevent it from breeding again?
This time of year, we are fighting to protect our plants.

Since when did my beloved become my enemy?

My childhood memories of hydrangeas are snails.

As I grew up, I started reading a few books,
Shotaro Ikenami, famous for Onihei Hankachō.
In the book "Man's Manners"
The teacher, who is also known as a foodie,
It was written as a tip for finding delicious restaurants.
Carefully take care of the plants growing in front of the eaves.
Are you taking care of it? please?

If you are paying attention to the outside,
Both the restaurant and the food are evidence of careful work.
(Because it is prosperous, people are paying attention to the outside world.)
Although there may be some leeway)

Careful work = deliciousness.
I think it's cool that you interpret it as such.

Many people grow hydrangeas both in shops and at home.
I looked at how well the hydrangeas were taken care of and the varieties.
I get a feel for the style of the shop or home.

After becoming an adult
I have such strong feelings about hydrangeas.

The front has a bold hydrangea design.
On the back is a heartwarming snail.

Then everyone will sympathize with it and like it.
I thought it would be possible to make a hydrangea wooden key chain.

The hydrangea design is based on the shape you folded.

We got to know each other through our previous wooden key chains.
@dorimingo813 's son loves flowers,
They folded hydrangea origami and showed me a photo.

At that time, I decided to design using this as a hint.

Just like we want people to know about flowers, the wooden key chain has the same meaning.
I also want to convey Japanese tradition and culture.

I was allowed to trace the origami lines you made,
I decided to make a pattern.

From one origami line pattern (top left part)
While copying, overlapping, rotating, thinning,
I created a design variation.

I want to make the work and hands you created shine even more,
I created this design with 100% sincerity.

In addition, this wooden key chain has a beautiful pattern that comes out even when it is embossed.

concave condition. Convex state.
We are particular about the design so that both look beautiful.

with this,

ceramic chopstick rest,
glass earrings,
If you can make...

We imagined and designed such a future.


On the back is a warm snail.

The snail design is
Designed by family crest designer @_hiramon_ .

We also created the logo for MADE in Nihonbashi,
Thank you very much for your continued support.

Many of the designs drawn by MADE in Nihonbashi are geometric, so it contrasts and neutralizes that.
I wanted to include @_hiramon_ 's warm design elements.

design that sells,
popular design,
I think there are various things,

Tenugui, fans, netsuke, etc.
A playful design that tells a story using motifs.

I wanted to express myself like that.

This hydrangea wooden key chain brings back so many memories.
I was particular about making it out of walnut wood.

If you reverse it, future Kurumi

If the feelings with the snail are in the past,
Currently, he is making patterns in Nihonbashi.

And as soon as we send this wooden key chain to everyone,
For me, it's already the future

The shapes that emerge from this, beautiful photographs,
I am looking forward to the future when we can have a relationship.

Making tools is fun.
Because I can support the future of the person who receives it.

Hey, Kurumi.
Through a wooden keychain,

What does this city look like?

While listening to my favorite song,
I thought about the people I had the pleasure of working with this time and the people I will be able to connect with in the future.
Put your thoughts into the walnut tree,
I made a hydrangea key chain.

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers. Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.6 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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