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Article: 05: Jasmine “Prepare for the festival”


05: Jasmine “Prepare for the festival”

May 2022,
Wooden keychain monitor project 05 was jasmine.

 (This blog posts the story of making a wooden keychain. I write about my thoughts on flowers and motifs, as well as design points, etc. )


When it comes to events in downtown Tokyo in May,
It's not a festival or Mother's Day, it's a festival.

Speaking of festivals near Nihonbashi, there are festivals in early May.
Kanda, Nihonbashi, and Asakusa Sanja Festival.

I left Jasmine,
In the Tokyo downtown area
It blooms from late April to Golden Week.
For some reason, flower shops in the downtown area often sell them.
(Hagoromo jasmine)

Jasmine is famous for tea,
Best of all is the scent.
At this time of year, the city is filled with the scent of jasmine.
I feel like I'm being enveloped.

When I smell this scent, I think it's time to prepare for the festival.

Not only will you be healed by the wonderful scent of jasmine,
I feel like the cells in my body are waking up.

May's jasmine design has a "festival" Japanese feel.
I wanted to include it.

A pretty, Western-style flower called jasmine,
If you create a design with Japanese on your back,
I thought it would be interesting, so I came up with a design.

However, the design was difficult.

The flowers are cute, but they are spindly.
That alone won't last long.

Therefore, like flowers, we incorporated distinctive buds into the motif.
When it comes to festivals, we think of hanten,
Then I decided to make the back crest → family crest.

From there, I arranged the buds in five circles, rotating them like a family crest.

I don't know if it's a good design, but
A one-of-a-kind design has been completed.

However, there is another thing about using it as a family crest.
A new challenge has arisen.

Drawn pattern and its reversal,
Which one is better?

Family crests are also attached to kimonos, etc.
Black kimono, such as mourning clothes, have drawings that are not black.
It is said that the surrounding area is black, so that the drawings on the black mourning clothes stand out. That's the nukimon.

I also like the uncut crest <B> because it is unique to family crests,

You can also keep it simple as you drew it <A>.
Also, as a wooden mold, it is easy to stamp patterns.

What should I do··.

So, while recruiting monitors,
We asked everyone for their opinions on which one is more popular.

As a result,

The number is almost the same, and as a result, we are currently producing two patterns.

In addition, when handing over a jasmine wooden key chain,
I thought I would like people to know the scent as well.

The wooden parts are carved into a jasmine flower pattern.
Infused with jasmine essential oil,
I added oil to the package so that the person who received it would enjoy the soft scent when they opened the envelope.

When the design was completed, it was still in its buds.
But now the flowers are blooming and it's a festival!

I restarted with this scent for the first time in a year, but what's different from last year is,
This year, I will be able to deliver scents to everyone.

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers. Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.5 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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