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Article: 07: Morning glory “Put your thoughts into the seeds”


07: Morning glory “Put your thoughts into the seeds”

July 2022,
Wooden keychain monitor project 07
was a morning glory.

 (This blog posts the story of making a wooden keychain. I write about my thoughts on flowers and motifs, as well as design points, etc. )

-Morning glory-

Around mid-July, I was excited about the summer vacation starting tomorrow.
The sight of children walking around the city with big smiles on their faces.

For me,
The best moment to feel July through flowers.

But at that time, I
Did you feel lonely because you wouldn't be able to meet your friends tomorrow?
Were you excited to be able to go to various places with your family?

I don't remember much, but
I wasn't interested in this pot or the flowers...
But counting the seeds was fun.

After becoming an adult,
When I look at the scenery of the city where children are carrying this,
Ah, summer is starting now.

I think of the moment when the seasons change.

It felt like I was sharing my excitement with the children of the city.

A view that can only be seen one day a year.
Maybe you only use this once in your life?

It doesn't look good even if I put other plants in it, right?
But it is by no means a childish flower.

During the Edo period, when it came to Bushido,
It is also a flower that was grown by samurai.

I created this design based on those memories.

Morning glory flower shape.

I think about this every time I face that flower.

I wonder what rules dictate the shape of this flower.
This time's flowers are composed of pentagons, circles, straight lines, and fluttering shapes.

The relationship between 360 circles and pentagons.
intersecting lines.
360 divided by 5, 72 degrees.
Furthermore, half of that is 36 degrees. 18 degrees.
That's the key number.

When drawing flower patterns,
While calculating those numbers in my head
I use my hands to design.

The shape of the outer flower depends on the strength and direction of the wind in the environment.
Each piece is different, so it's rough and fluttering.

However, the shape and mechanism of flowers opening around buds
should have been decided.

Although it cannot be seen by the human eye, there must be something inside the seeds.
There is a blueprint for drawing petals,

If the configuration and rules of this line are correct
I think it's great.

But it would be boring if I knew the correct answer.
I don't know the correct answer because I can't ask you directly, but

Every month, when I draw the flower, I feel something about the core of the flower.
I feel like I've gotten just a little bit closer.

I really like this flower.
Not only children
Flowers for adults who love flowers.

There are many varieties of this flower,
During the Edo period, adults conducted research on breeding.
It's because I've been working hard.

Design a morning glory.
Truly a stylish play for adults!

The design is ready, now it's time for another idea!

From the moment I decided on morning glories this time, I wanted to focus on the seeds.

Memories that sprouted from seeds.
Memories of harvesting seeds.

I was only interested in perennials,

Morning glories wither within a year, but
By connecting them with seeds, you can meet the flowers every year.

Seeds are important for memories with morning glories.

So, for a wooden keychain,
Create a groove and frame to store the seeds.
I made a "seed holder".

The wood is cherry wood,
Because it has morning glory seeds,
This key chain is a morning glory.

I can't say it well, but
This is a wooden key chain that contains the life and DNA of morning glories.

When designing the morning glory, we were also particular about the variety.

Danjuro Asagao.

I caught a glimpse of it at Iriya Asagao Market three years ago,
I didn't buy it at that time, but
I can't get it out of my head,
But then the coronavirus hit,
The morning glory market has also been canceled and will not be held this year.
That's why it's so adorable.
Unrequited love for 3 years.

But a few months ago, I had decided that July would be morning glories and Danjuro, so I got some seeds and looked at them.
I was inflating the image of flowers.

I feel like the blueprint for Danjuro's flower is packed into this seed.

I don't know if they are similar.
However, this is a one-of-a-kind wooden keychain morning glory designed with Danjuro in mind.

Many of you talked about morning glories and learned about the Danjuro variety.

I was able to talk about morning glories with everyone.
That may be my fondest memory of Asagao in 2022.

Our Danjuro was able to bloom properly!

I remember seeing the real flowers for the first time and being so moved by the patterns and colors of the flowers.

We've harvested a lot of seeds, so you'll be thrilled by the shrimp-colored Danjuro morning glory this time of year.

Growing flowers is definitely fun.

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers. Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.7 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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