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Article: 04: Boke “Happiness around you”


04: Boke “Happiness around you”

In April 2022, the wooden keychain monitor project 04 was a blur.


(This blog contains the story of making a wooden keychain.

Thoughts on flowers and motifs,
I will write down the points of the design etc. )

When you say April, everyone looks up and imagines everyone's favorite flowers.
I wanted to focus on this child.

Blurred quince

The encounter with this flower
During the rainy season, when the flowering period has already passed,
A flower shop has a sale on a plant that is on the verge of being discarded, and its branches are not looking good.
I didn't know what color the flowers would bloom,
I might buy it if it's on sale!
I started growing it with such a light feeling.
Bokeh seems a bit old-fashioned,
I thought it would be a good idea to raise him after he became a grandpa, but I thought it would be a good idea if it was on sale.

I wasn't expecting it, but
In April of the following year, it blooms with lovely pink flowers.
You looked like this, like I finally met you!

I remember being so moved.

There are years when it doesn't bloom, and it suddenly blooms in autumn.
Part of me thinks that the flower lives up to its name,
That's why Aikyou is so irresistible.
(It's just difficult to maintain)

At this time of year, many flowers are blooming in flower pots near the eaves of many houses.

A flower that has been loved since the Heian period.
The blur is also the family crest of Oda Nobunaga.
A rich variety of flowers with over 200 species.

It's an amazing flower when you focus on it,
I also like the folk aspects!

I've never seen that blur of that house before!
That's cool!
I wonder where you got it?

Through Boke, I have become friends with the elderly lady in my neighborhood who takes care of my pet.

The famous wood shop that I always go to has a wonderful bokeh!

Our bokeh did not bloom this year.

(Did I prune too much last year?)
I was looking forward to the two-shot with the key chain.
But maybe if I take a two-shot with the flowers here, it will be complete.
So that we can collaborate with Boke from all over the country,
I wonder if he gave me a big role.
It's not a joke, it's a smart move.

Naturally, at this time of year, if you look up, the cherry blossoms that capture the hearts of tens of millions of people are spectacular.

But when I looked at my feet, I realized that there was spring so close to me.
Happiness that is familiar to you,
The blurred flowers
I hope people will pay attention to the fact that they are blooming in good health.

Because of this era,
I want people to feel the happiness that is familiar to them again,
I drew a blur.

Even if you don't grow it yourself,
Even if it's not nearby,
Look at this key chain
Maybe you are a grandpa, grandma, or relative in the countryside.
Isn't there anyone growing it?
How are you doing?

If anyone thinks like that,
I think it's good that I drew the blur.

Because it made me imagine the happiness that is familiar to me.
Bokeh has such charm❗️

This time I want to focus on bokeh.
To be used as a mold,
If the concave shape could be used as a wooden mold.

Bokeh sweets.
Bokeh earrings.
Bokeh aroma stone.

I will be excited if new blur items are born in 2022!

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers. Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.4 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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