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Article: 09: Chrysanthemum “To the memories with sparkling chrysanthemums”


09: Chrysanthemum “To the memories with sparkling chrysanthemums”

September 2022,
Wooden key chain monitor project 09 was chrysanthemum.

 (This blog posts the story of making a wooden keychain. I write about my thoughts on flowers and motifs, as well as design points, etc. )

September is my favorite month.


The flowers I painted in September were the ones I hated the most.

I'm sure I'm not the only one,

When I smell this flower's scent

The saddest day of my life.

"Do you remember"

It's a memory of flowers that I don't want to remember now,

By the time the design is complete

I hope it becomes your favorite flower,
We have started creating the design.

Talk about design.1

It may go against modern virtues, but

I like alcohol.

I especially like drinking sake while looking at flowers.

Why only during cherry blossom season?

Aren't you going to see the flowers?

On my days off, I start drinking beer in the morning.

It's a blissful time to take care of your plants.

Also, consider the type depending on the flower.

I think the large roses have a strong whiskey rock.

While looking at the hydrangeas during the humid season,

I tore up some mint that was still fresh green,

Refreshing, maybe a mojito.

When I'm thinking about that,

I can't think of any flowers that go well with sake.

When I searched Google for "flowers that go well with sake,"

I learned about an event called "Kikuzake".

Also, a few years ago I learned about edible flowers.

I got tired of herbs, so I started growing edible flowers.

Flowers are just pansies, too.

The boom in me has disappeared, but

This year I am growing edible chrysanthemums.

This is my first year growing chrysanthemums,

Autumn is also the season of appetite,

You can float it in alcohol or eat it.

I wanted to focus on "chrysanthemums."

Also, September 9th is the "Chrysanthemum Festival", and with that as a hint,

The chrysanthemum design is also composed of nine overlapping circles.

Through a wooden key chain with a chrysanthemum motif,

About Japan's wonderful events and festivals,

(Enjoying sake and flowers as an event)

I would be happy if many people knew about it.

Talk about design [2]

September is my favorite month.

Because it's the month when that song I love plays.

Do You Remember,

the 21st night of September

I'm so excited just from the beginning.

"September" by Earth, Wind & Fire

When you listen to this song,

This summer is over,

It's almost autumn now

I look forward to the end of summer.

Speaking of September Maru, it is a mirror ball.

So the petals will sparkle like a mirror ball.

I created a design that randomly changes the intensity of the colors.

Chrysanthemum scent

Chrysanthemums were a flower I hated.

When I was a child and had no interest in flowers,

I loved it,
When I said my final farewell to my grandparents,
I put chrysanthemums around it.

At that time, did you add yellow or purple?
Why do we still use chrysanthemums?
I don't know if I'll include it, but
All I remember is my mother's tears and the smell of chrysanthemums.

The smell of flowers brings back sad memories.

Even as an adult, I never had the chance to smell chrysanthemums.
Those memories had faded, but
This time, when I faced the chrysanthemum,
It brought back all the memories I had with my grandparents.

But it's not a sad memory,
Only sparkling fun memories
It's revived.

that's why,
The chrysanthemum design also doesn't look sad.
I wondered if I could make it look sparkling.

There were various memories of September, and bitter memories with chrysanthemums,

In the end, this design was a good fit for me because

Memories with my grandparents,

When my grandfather went out to play, he always took me to the department store.

He bought me a toy.

I was scared when he got angry, but I thought he was a good person.

My grandmother always only bought me study tools and drills,

Going to visit my grandparents' house?

I want to go see grandpa

I thought so when I was a child.

But my grandma bought it for me.

It was fun and memorable,

Insert a pencil with a circle ruler and rotate it to create a pattern.

A toy? stationery?

For the first time, I was able to draw a pattern that I thought was beautiful.

I think it was an exciting experience✨

Thanks to my grandmother at that time,

I think it was a good design.

When I came up with this design, it felt right.

I decided to create a design with the theme of chrysanthemum sake,

My grandma told me, "Don't just think about alcohol!"

I wonder if I was stopped.

My grandpa would often say, “You drink too much!”
Looks like my grandma warned me about it.

I am grateful to chrysanthemums for reminding me of my grandparents.

Thank you for visiting.
Memories with other moon flowers. Please take a look at the story of how we make things!

2022.9 MADE in Nihonbashi Kazuya Tateno

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